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Weld Gauges - GAL and Western Instruments

We carry the full line of G.A.L. Weld Gauges as well as the new Western Instrument Jr. Weld Gauge and the new Tri-Weld All in One Gauge.
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Part No.: .N88-01L

Tri-Gauge Lever Type Pit & Welding Gauge

Part No.: .N88-01LJ

New, Smaller with Graater Accuracy to 0.005 in.  4.25" x 1.25"

Part No.: .N88-3L

The Tri-Weld Gauge provides easy to read measurements of the following welding and fit-up parameters;

Part No.: .NACE-SP0178S

NACE SPO178 Weld Replica Stand

Part No.: GAL-01-HILO
"HI-LO" Welding Gauge Stainless Steel
Part No.: GAL-02-EHILO

Single Purpose "Hi-LO" Gauge

Part No.: GAL-03-AWFG
G.A.L. Adjustable Fillet Weld
Part No.: GAL-04-BCG
Bridgecam Gauge
Part No.: GAL-04A-PBC
Pocket Bridgecam
Part No.: GAL-05-VWAC
V-WAC" Single Weld Gage
Part No.: GAL-06-AWS
Automatic Weld Size Weld Gauge
Part No.: GAL-07-WTPS
W.T.P.S. Gauge with Calibration
Part No.: GAL-08(a-c)-FWGS

Fillet Weld Gauge Set markings - 4 to choose from

Part No.: GAL-09X-STFWG

Skew-T Fillet Weld Gauge and Calculator

Part No.: GAL-10-PFWG
Pocket Fillet Weld Gage (Engli
Part No.: GAL-12-AWS Tool Kit

AWS Tool Kit

Part No.: GAL-12-KIT4
Brief Case Type Tool Kit/Lock&Key
Part No.: GAL-14-MSG
Mini Sub Gauge
Part No.: GAL-16-MFWS
Mini Fillet Weld Keys
Part No.: GAL-17-PPG
Pipe Pit Gage