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Metal Hardness Testers

Both Portable and Bench top models to test the hardness of most types of metals
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Part No.: 900-331
This hardness tester comprises the very best in "state of the art"
design along with dynamic precision only found at Phase II. The 900-331
Rockwell scale hardness tester is easy to operate, yet engineered to
obtain highly sensitive and accurate readings. Conforming to ASTM E-18
Rockwell Hardness standards, the 900-331 tester will offer unmatched
repeatability in all standard Rockwell Hardness scales
Part No.: MET-HRC/HB
Non-Destructive Portable Hardness Testing

The new PHASE II miniature ultrasonic portable hardness tester is capable of measuring the surface hardness of a broad variety of metals on flat, round, thin or large surfaces. Accurate measurements of steel, cast steel, alloy steel and aluminum, are easily attained with these mini, ultrasonic portable hardness testers.

The MET-HRC, MET-HB&HV meet ASTM A1038-10 specifications.

Part No.: PHT-1800

State of the art, digital portable hardness tester is designed to test the hardness of large hard metal parts. Loaded with useful functions only found on high priced models the PHT-1800 portable hardness tester is clearly setting a new industry standard by being the most accurate, economically priced portable hardness tester on the market today. Fast test speeds coupled with memory and output, this unit is a hand's down winner whether you are out in the field or in the QC shop.

The PHT-1800 portable hardness tester can perform tests thateasily convert to the most popular hardness scales, including Rockwell, Brinell,Vickers, Shore, etc.

Part No.: PHT-3300

The PHASE II portable hardness tester, Model No. PHT-3300 is an advanced integrated portable hardness tester distinguished by its very compact size, high accuracy, wide measuring range and simplicity of operation. It is suitable for testing the hardness of all metals and widely applied in many areas of industry.
The PHT-3300 as with all dynamic portable hardness testers, is designed to test very large hard parts. Steel should be close to 1" thick of solid material. Softer metals need even more mass.