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If you have had equipment laying around a long time or want to trade up to a new model, let me know and I will see if I can sell it on consignment.  Send it to me and if it is checks out we will set a price and see if it sells.  Please make sure it works.

If you want to buy equipment, you can buy from the site at the listed price or email me an offer which I will run by the owner.  Items purchased are without warranty by myself or the manufacturer.  Any equipment sold is AS IS and if upon receipt you are not satisfied you can return for full refund.

I will give this a try and if it works out I will continue

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Rental - High Voltage Holiday tester - Elcometer 266 - 0 to30 KV.  or PCWI 20 kV Includes band brush, 20 - 24  inch brass brush and extension pole.

$50.00 per day - $350.00 per week - min 1 week.  CALL TO CHECK AVAILIBILITY.

Part No.: RENTAL DF-P200 C

The most advanced meter on the market to measure coatings on nonferrous surfaces.  Easy to use.  $RENTAL - 50.00 per day - $350.00 per week - min 1 week


Rental - Adhesion  tester -Type 5Automatic  Hydraulic -Defelsko AT.  Includes Adhesive.  Dollies available at 10 for $25.00 each for 20 mm.  0 to 3000 psi.  Other dollies available to go to 10,000 psi.  50 mm Dollies for cdoncrete - 4 for $40.00  CALL TO CHECK AVAILIBILITY.

$50.00 per day - $350.00 per week - min 1 week

Part No.: USED106

Elcometer F106-2 - Looks NEW - 0-1000psi

Elcometer F106 Used in excellent condition - 0-500 PSI

Elcometer F106 USED on Good Condition - 0-3200