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Precision Measuring Instruments

Measuring Instruments can be an improtant part of many projects.  Calipers, Micrometers, angle finders and more.

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Part No.: GT-102

1 inch 0.001 Micrometer

Part No.: GT-822

822 - 5" Digital Angle Finder

Part No.: GT107

107 - 6" Dial Caliper

Part No.: GT1702

Takes guesswork out of measuring, marking, reading & transferring angles

Part No.: TAPE25x100

25 Foot or 100 Foot tapes from one of the top US manufacturers of professional tape measures.  Stronn durable with AUto rewind.


The DIGI-PRO is a 12.5" diameter measuring wheel with a digital counter that converts your measurements into 8 different scales:

Part No.: UST-DW-1000

DW-1000 is a 12.5" diameter distance measuring wheel designed for heavy duty professional use. It has a sturdy frame, wide stance folding kickstand, and hefty pistol grip. Models measure in Ft/10ths or Meter/Decimeter. They are suitable for measuring longer distances over rough surfaces.

Part No.: UST-DW-500

he DW-500 is a 6" diameter professional grade measuring wheel best used for measuring shorter distances on smoother surfaces. The tri-fold handle makes it easy to stow and carry.

Part No.: UST-DW-PRO

The DW-PRO is a 12.5" diameter measuring wheel which was designed and built with the professional user in mind. DW-PRO's are ideally suited for rolling over longer distances and rough surfaces. The DW-PRO boasts the premium features of a Counter-Clear control mounted on the pistol grip as well as a trigger operated brake. They also have a wide stance folding kickstand. They are available in Ft/10ths, and Meter/Decimeter models.