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The TQC DewCheck 4 - New LOW Price

Part No.: TQC-DCM

The TQC Dew Check 4 uses the most accurate sensor available and has withstood the test of time.  This new improved version will give years of use in the field while maintaining it's accuracy.  

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DewCheck IV

The DewCheck IV Series 2 is an extremely versatile tool for measuring and recording all climate parameters required for treating surfaces. This easy-to-use and robust instrument measures air temperature, surface temperature, air humidity dewpoint and calculates the difference between the surface and dew point temperature, indicating optimum climate conditions for painting. All parameters, including time and date, are stored in the memory and can be retrieved at a later time.
  • DewCheck Meter Features
  • Large illuminated graphic display
  • One-hand operation
  • Simple menu-driven user interface
  • Extensive data-logging capabilities, readings are time and date stamped and stored on the gauge
  • Used as on the spot inspectors tool or stand-alone data logger
  • Heavy duty ergonomic case
  • Set limits for each parameter
  • Acoustic and visual alarms
  • Select Celsius / Fahrenheit
  • Automatic trend indicator shows the trend of climatic conditions (rising, falling, stable)
  • High-end industrial sensors and built-in probes
  • Integrated back-up LED flashlight
  • Two year valid calibration certificate
  • For optimal use of the datalogging facilities of the instrument, the DewCheck Dock is available.


Docking Station Features 
  • 3 strong Neodymium magnets hold instrument and dock firmly against ferrous steel surfaces. Magnets are lined with rubber to prevent damaging the surface and sliding of the unit.
  • A magnetic surface temperature sensor overrides the instrument's integrated surface temperature sensor in order to guarantee correct TS-readings.
  • USB-Interface connects the unit to the PC for programming and downloading data.
  • 2-Year Warranty that covers everything except abuse
Technical Data
Temperature Ta (Air)
Accuracy: 1oF, 0.5oC
Measurement Resolution:0.1oF, 0.1oC
Measurement Range:-4 to +175oF, -20 to +80oC
Temperature Ts (Surface)
Accuracy:1oF, 0.5oC
Measurement Resolution:0.1oF, 0.1oC
Measurement Range:-22 to +140oF, -30 to +60oC
Graphical presentation with backlight
Operating Temperature Range:-4 to +140oF, -20 to 60oC
On/Off:1 (electronic)
LED Flashlight:1 (electronic)
Memory Size Manual Logging:6000 records
Record Content Manual Logging:time/date, humidity, Ta, Ts, Td, Tdelta, status byte for alarm
Memory Size Interval Logging:12000 records
Record Content Interval Logging:Humidity, Ta and Ts. Other parameters and date/ time are calculated
Batches:8 Batches max.
Measurement Features
Limits:Adjustable for each parameter
Lo-Hi Alarms:Beep sound, symbol in display and RED Led
Hold/Freeze Function:Yes
Data Storage:Two modes: manual and interval (auto)
Data Recall:Gauge displays average, min/max of each batch. Downloading to PC possible via optional adapter
Battery Indicator:Yes, detailed
Trend Indicator:Yes
User Interface:Menu driven through up/down/enter key
Languages:4 languages, English, German, French, Spanish
Extra:Built-in bright white LED orientation flashlight
Case:Plastic custom housing with protective rubber parts at the side and around the display window
Dimensions:7.7 x 3 x 1.4" (195 x 75 x 35 mm)
Weight (incl. batteries):0.7 lbs. (300 grams)
Batteries:3 X AA 1.5 batteries
Typical lifetime of Batteries:- Interval logging > 1 year with 10 min. interval measurement
- Manual logging: 400 hours continuous operation


Shipping Weight:   3.00 lbs
Manufacturer:   TQC
Manufacturer Part No.:   TQC-DCM
Part No.:   TQC-DCM

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