Weld Gauges - GAL and Western Instruments

We carry the full line of G.A.L. Weld Gauges as well as the new Western Instrument Jr. Weld Gauge and the new Tri-Weld All in One Gauge.


Part No.: .N88-01L



Price: $95.00  

Single Purpose "Hi-LO" Gauge

Part No.: GAL-02-EHILO

Single Purpose "Hi-LO" Gauge


Price: $45.00  

G.A.L. Adjustable Fillet Weld

Part No.: GAL-03-AWFG

G.A.L. Adjustable Fillet Weld carat.gif

Price: $90.00  

Bridgecam Gauge

Part No.: GAL-04-BCG

Bridgecam Gauge carat.gif

Price: $126.00  

Pocket Bridgecam

Part No.: GAL-04A-PBC

Pocket Bridgecam carat.gif

Price: $141.00  

V-WAC" Single Weld Gage

Part No.: GAL-05-VWAC

V-WAC" Single Weld Gage carat.gif

Price: $36.00  

Pocket Fillet Weld Gage (Engli

Part No.: GAL-10-PFWG

Pocket Fillet Weld Gage (Engli carat.gif

Price: $22.00  

AWS Tool Kit

Part No.: GAL-12-AWS Tool Kit

AWS Tool Kit


Price: $228.00  

Mini Sub Gauge

Part No.: GAL-14-MSG

Mini Sub Gauge carat.gif

Price: $98.00  

Mini Fillet Weld Keys

Part No.: GAL-16-MFWS

Mini Fillet Weld Keys carat.gif

Price: $58.00  

Pipe Pit Gage

Part No.: GAL-17-PPG

Pipe Pit Gage carat.gif

Price: $86.00