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MPI and Yoke Accessories

Everything you need to go with your Yokes to run the tests.


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Part No.: EPL-UV-20W

Explosion Proof Black Light - 365nm UV cut offlens - Class 1 Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D

Part No.: EPL-UV-20W-G2

Explosion Proof, rechargeable High Intensity Discharge (HID) black light (Class 1, Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D) with UV 365nm cut off lens.  The beam on the Generation 2 model is effective to well over 200 feet compared to its predecessor that only produced a beam 35 feet in length.

Part No.: ML RL-8533W-1-UV405

UV LED Pistol Grip Spotlight - 16 Hour Runtime - Rechargeable Lithium Ion - 3 Watt-405Nm

Part No.: MT-UV365

365 nm UV light - good to find watermarks or hydrocrbons on substrates.

Part No.: WFI-10-20-50

10, 20 or 50  Gauss Field indicator

Part No.: WFIC-10-20-5

10, 20 or 50  Gauss Calibration Checker

Part No.: WI-CT

Centrifuge Tube (Meets ASTM Specifications)

Part No.: WI-FMFI-AG

Flexible Magnetic Flux Indicators (Castrol Strips) - 5 per pack

Part No.: WI-MSC AB2000

Magnetic Stripe Cards (Particle sensitivity)

Part No.: WI-PB-4-12

Powder Bulbs (Applicators)

Part No.: WI-PG

Pie Gauge (Manufactured to ASTM Specifications)

Part No.: WI-PT

10 Pound Pull Test Bar (Traceable to NIST)

Part No.: WI-PTB

Set of 4 Bars (c/w Fastener)

Part No.: WI-Powder Kits
Powder Kits - Wet, Dry and Fluorescent Kits for use with Yokes.
Part No.: WI-QQI

QQIs (Quantitative Quality Indicators)

Part No.: WI-RS-DB
Notch Test Bar (Yokes and Prods)
Part No.: WI-RS-KT

Ketos Ring

Part No.: WI-RS-MTU

Block No. 3 (9934-2, Type 1)

Part No.: WI-RS-PT-DB
Pull Test and Artificial Defects