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Pipeline Locators

Just becasue you can't see them, doesn;t mean you cant find them.
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Part No.: TR-505

This type of locator is widely used by Gas Distribution, Pipeline and Power Companies to locate and mark theirs and others carriers prior to excavation.

Part No.: TR-Mark V

Dual frequency locator affords the operator the luxury both Radio and Audio Frequencies. The Mark V Ranger delivers unrivaled performance at a very competitive price.

Part No.: TR-PD

For locating electrical shorts and open couplings on underground pipelines
The Model PD Oscillator’s audio frequency on a pipe allows the Receiver to:
-Locate pipe, buried or submerged
-Find depth of pipe
-Find shorts and open couplings
-Locate buried insulators
-ECDA tool for locating holidays and voids in coatings on buried pipe