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Literature and Standards

SSPC, NACE, ISO and ICRI standards along with general literature on paints and coatings.  Any well quiped inspectors should have copies of the main standards for reference on any projects

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Part No.: .NACE-SP0178S

NACE SPO178 Weld Replica Stand

Part No.: E128---01
ISO 8501 SIS 055900 (3rd Edition)
Part No.: E128---02
Surface Preparation - Cleanliness-VIS 2 Rust/Painted Steel Surfaces
Part No.: E128---03

VIS 1-89 Blast Cleaning

Part No.: E128---05
VIS 3 Hand&Power Tool
Part No.: E128---06
VIS 4 / NACE #7 before and after waterjetting
Part No.: E128---07
VIS 5 / NACE VIS 9 before
and after wet abrasive blast cleaning
Part No.: E128---13

ICRI Tech Guideline No. 03732

Part No.: H99916043
Fitz Atlas of Coating Defects
Part No.: TQC-LD3080

The Inspection of protective coating systems for corrosion control includes a wide range of test methods and techniques. In the Paint Inspector’s Field Guide( PIFG ) a wide range of these inspection methods are covered in an effort to aid individuals with the basic fundamentals of protective coating inspection whilst in the field.