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Literature and Standards

SSPC, NACE, ISO and ICRI standards along with general literature on paints and coatings.
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Part No.: .NACE-SP0178S

NACE SPO178 Weld Replica Stand

Part No.: E128---01
ISO 8501 SIS 055900 (3rd Edition)
Part No.: E128---02
Surface Preparation - Cleanliness-VIS 2 Rust/Painted Steel Surfaces
Part No.: E128---03

VIS 1-89 Blast Cleaning

Part No.: E128---05
VIS 3 Hand&Power Tool
Part No.: E128---06
VIS 4 / NACE #7 before and after waterjetting
Part No.: E128---07
VIS 5 / NACE VIS 9 before
and after wet abrasive blast cleaning
Part No.: E128---13

ICRI Tech Guideline No. 03732

Part No.: H99916043
Fitz Atlas of Coating Defects
Part No.: TQC-LD3080

The Inspection of protective coating systems for corrosion control includes a wide range of test methods and techniques. In the Paint Inspector’s Field Guide( PIFG ) a wide range of these inspection methods are covered in an effort to aid individuals with the basic fundamentals of protective coating inspection whilst in the field.