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LED/HID Flashlights

When you need good lighting, these flashlights will do it.
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Part No.: FL-15-HID

HID Flashlight - 15 Watt - 1000 lumens - 90minute run time battery

Part No.: FL-T2-LED

FL-T2-LED 3 watt T2 LED Flashlight

Part No.: LEDPL-5

LED Flashlight - 200 Lumens - 700' Beam

Part No.: ML-FL-LED-STR-51

The rechargeable LED Stinger Flashlight delivers a significant light output in a small package. Complete with a dual switch design, the user can toggle through any of the 3 light modes by simply holding down one of the switches. A strobing led emittion is also standard, user must press switch twice, the dual switches operate independently.

Part No.: ML-MK-1

Tactical LED Flashlight with 180 lumen output, and vehicle Or wall) mount "drop in charging cradle".  This LED flashlight is unique in its high quality construction, 2 on/off push buttons (at the head and tail) and the "drop in charging cradle".  This LED flashlight contains a lithium ion battery and charges in 2 hours.

Part No.: NSR-9850