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Sound Meters

Stop the ringing in your ears before it starts.  Know how loud your work site is.
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Part No.: EX-407730

Extech 407730: Digital Sound Level Meter

40-130dB Meter featuring large LCD display with analog bargraph

Part No.: EX-407732

Extech 407732: Low/High Range Sound Level Meter

Dual-range Type 2 digital sound level meter with backlit LCD

Part No.: EX-407736

Extech 407736: Dual Range Sound Level Meter

Sound level meter with ±1.5dB accuracy meets Type 2 standards

Part No.: EX-407744

Extech 407744: 94dB Sound Calibrator

1kHz Professional Calibrator for 0.5" or 1.0" Microphones

Part No.: EX-407750

Extech 407750: Sound Level Meter with PC Interface

Big backlit display, PC interface & background sound absorber

Part No.: EX-407780

Extech 407780A: Integrating Sound Level Meter with USB

Leq and SEL measurements with built-in datalogger and PC interface

Part No.: EX-SL130G

Extech SL130G: Sound Level Alert with Alarm

30-130dB Meter with built-in under/over-range LEDs indicators