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For simple handheld with reticule to usb digital.  You will find them here.

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Part No.: CM-MM200

Very compact lighted 60x-100x pocket microscope

Part No.: DG-3x
DG-3X Basic Set - Includes 2.3M Pixel Camera w 3.5"LCD, 256MB Compact Flash memory card, Carrying Case, C Mount Adapter, Battery, Battery Charger, Cable (no lens)
Part No.: EX-MC108
Digital Mini Microscope Capture and download up to 60 jpg images (320x240 pixels) to your PC
Part No.: TQC-LD6184

3 inch TFT panel display, 5M high quality image sensor (up to 12M by interpolation) and 20x-200x-500x magnification

Part No.: TQC-LD6205

SURFACE MICROSCOPE WITH ILLUMINATION and Reticule Makes it perfect as a crack width microscope or for anything that needs to be measured with accuracy.