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Deformation / Elasticity / Impact

Bend testing is a criticle test for coating sheet steel for both liquid and powder applications.  Metric and ASTM bend testers or go conical to test a range of bends with one test.

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25 pack of steel 3 x 6 invh by 0.32 inch test panels for bend or impact tests.

Part No.: TQC-188X

The TQC Impact Test is used to determine the impact resistivity and flexibility of coatings. The dual scale instrument is equipped with a special guidance which assures that the distance between each impact is always according to the standard. For correct positioning a spirit-level is built-in. Each Impact test comes as a complete set (instrument and accessoires) to perform a test according DIN/ISO 6272, ASTM D2794 and ASTM G14

Part No.: TQC-SP1820

The TQC Cylindrical Bend Test is used to determine the elasticity adhesion and elongation of paint on sheet metal in accordance with ISO 1519. A test panel (max. size 150 x 100 mm) is bent over a cylindrical mandrel. The smaller the diameter of the mandrel, the larger the tension on the coating. The test panel is then checked for cracks or damage in the coating.

Part No.: TQC-SP1830

A coated metal sheet is bent over a cylindrical or conical mandrel and the coating observed for cracks and discoloration.  For the Basic model see the TQC=SP1831.

Part No.: TQC-SP1831

TQC Bend Test Conical Mandrel "Basic".   If you are going to run a lot of tests, we highly recommend the "Pro" version which makes it much easier to change panels.